Indoor Air Quality Monitoring


Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Quality Care Cleaning Services offers Indoor Air Quality Monitoring and Assessment Services 

Our health and safety are directly affected by the air we inhale. It is essential in our homes, schools, and offices as well as public places. These places can account for up to 90% of our daily time, and we may be unaware that we are inhaling large amounts of pollutants.

In Indoor Air Quality Monitoring you can notice Low levels of dust particles which can be harmful, especially for those with allergies and sinus problems. The health risks of volatile organic compounds are also high. They can irritate the eyes, nose, and throat. Inhaling this compound for long periods can lead to headaches and nausea. It can also cause damage to the liver, kidney, central nervous system, and liver.

Poor indoor air quality can hurt our health, well-being, and efficiency in doing what we do. Indoor Air Quality Monitoring and Assessment Services will

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

provide you with innovative solutions to manage indoor air quality on your premises. This will give you a competitive advantage and long-term sustainability. in Dubai UAE. We create and maintain a safe and healthy environment at your home, office and other indoor locations. To ensure that data is reliable and accurate, we use a sophisticated and systematic process.

Scope of Services

  • The survey, site assessment and questionnaire were specifically created to adapt to the unique Middle East climate.
  • Indoor Air Quality Testing is based on international and local standards. It measures common indoor pollutants as well as comfort parameters.
  • Complete testing solution package that includes Indoor Air Quality Testing, Noise Monitoring and Light Intensity Measurement.
  • Innovative and Analytical Report with recommendations and mitigation practices.

Why IAQ Monitoring is important for your health?

  • The human body needs daily 1 Kg of food, 2 ltr of water, and 15,000 ltr of Air.

Deterioration of the ambient air owing to a lack of a good indoor air quality test can result in a variety of health issues, including allergy symptoms, eye irritation, hoarseness of the voice, coughing, skin problems, migraines, and overall exhaustion.

  • Indoor air can be up to 70%more polluted than outdoor air.

Single or many pollutants can significantly contribute to the worsening of indoor air quality. To improve the IAQ, you should design a plan to address, avoid, and eliminate contaminants. The first step should be to have the home assessed and an interior air quality test performed by professionals in Dubai. It is critical to have an air quality test for mold since it allows you to identify the pollutants and the extent of damage caused by them, allowing you to take appropriate action. You deserve good indoor air quality, and frequent air quality monitoring provides several benefits.


  • Lower energy cost

  • Cleaner air and reduced odors

  • Improved productivity at offices

  • Prevent adverse health effects


How to maintain the indoor air quality?

You have few options for reducing outside pollution. However, the air inside your home, which you spend hours inhaling every day, may be improved. There are several easy ways to enhance and maintain indoor air quality. we offer ac duct cleaning services also.