Water supply systems for homes, businesses, and industries are fueled by specialized storage tanks that, in turn, are fueled by regional water supply systems. Poorly maintained water storage tanks are a primary cause of contaminated or filthy water, which can represent a considerable health concern. Water tank cleaning is an important aspect of maintaining water cleanliness and microbial control. Dirt, molds, debris, and bacteria, including deadly legionella, can accumulate in water over time. It is advised that the water tank be cleaned every six months to eliminate contaminants and keep it clean, sanitary, and compliant.

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Quality Care Cleaning Services is a specialist in all types of Water System Disinfection and Reservoirs, from the widely-used fiberglass type, GRP Sectionalized Panel Tanks, Polyethylene, Concrete Tanks, Stainless Steel Tanks, to the more difficult and specialized ballast tanks in ships and other marine vessels. Due to this experience, we are confident that we can offer a comprehensive range of Water Tanks Cleaning services to different sectors of the society. We use environmentally-friendly chemicals in all of our cleaning operations, being able to dispose them off to the local sewerage systems without harming the environment. In Water Tank Cleaning, we are assured that we have completed the job: maintaining a healthy and safe environment for the good of the public health.

What Makes Your Water Tank Need to Be Cleaned?

Tank cleaning has always been an ignored and shunned duty, thus we are happy to assist you. As a Water System Disinfection firm in Dubai, our major goal is to provide optimum sanitary conditions. All water storage containers, such as pools and tanks, must be cleaned regularly. Users have the option of doing it themselves or hiring cleaning services. Those who wish to get things done while resting should hire cleaning service providers.

The Advantages of Water Tank Cleaning Service
  • Assures Bacteria-Free Water

Deep water tank cleaning removes pollutants and bacteria buildup, ensuring healthy and safe water.

  • Extended Water Tank Life

 Regular Water Tank Maintenance not only improves safety and hygiene but also greatly extends the life of the water tank.

  • A Safe and Healthy Way of Life

Regular water tank cleaning eliminates waterborne sickness, which is critical for healthy health.

  • Reduced Repair Costs

Following Water Tank Service, we will inspect all equipment to ensure that it is not creating repair problems.


Dubai Municipality’s rules for Legionella management in water systems.


Water systems must be kept clean to restrict the nutrients available for microbial growth. Visual examinations should be done at least once a month to avoid the collection of dirt, organic matter, or other debris.

To reduce the danger of Legionella bacteria contamination, all water systems that produce a water spray or aerosol, as well as spa pools, must be cleaned and maintained.


The following suggestions, in addition to any disinfection techniques of treatment utilized, are made to limit the prevalence of Legionella contamination inside home plumbing (hot and cold) water systems:

  • Both hot and cold water systems must be cleansed with water at a temperature of 60 – 70 °C for 5 minutes while measuring at outlets. or
  • Should be Chlorine-treated to produce a chlorine residual of 1-2 mg/l at all outputs.


Inspecting and cleaning water systems
  • Reduce the number of dead legs (stagnant lines and stubs) in the system.
  • Clean and examine hot water tanks regularly – at the very least, once a year.
  • Run hot water circulation pumps continuously – prevent recycling to mixing valves alone.
  • Store hot water at a minimum of 60 °C (140 °F) and distribute it to the taps at a minimum of 50 °C (122 °F).
  • If it is not possible to store and distribute cold household water below 20 °C (68 °F), consider monitoring Legionella and implementing a disinfection system if Legionella is not under control.
  • Regularly (at least quarterly), flush the whole water system.
  • Consider standard treatments, such as the use of licensed biocides.

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