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6 Process Steps for Cooling Tower Cleaning

Cooling Tower Cleaning are an essential part of any system. They can be found in large buildings and facilities with high heating and cooling requirements, such as hospitals, data centers, commercial buildings, shopping malls, and other industrial facilities. But just because a cooling tower has been operational doesn’t mean it is safe or efficient. Cooling tower cleaning is an essential part of equipment maintenance.

Why Cooling Towers Should Be Regularly Cleaned?

Cooling towers are huge air scrubbers that need to be cleaned regularly to maintain their efficiency and keep residents and visitors safe. Unmaintained cooling towers can become contaminated with dangerous bacteria, which can cause illness or even death. A cooling tower that has been contaminated with sludge and corrosion will not transfer heat efficiently. This can lead to higher operating costs and lower performance. Cooling towers should be cleaned at least twice a year, particularly before the summer months. This will ensure that they are in good condition and not subject to corrosion.


Steps to Cooling Tower Cleaning


Cooling Tower Cleaning | Indoor Air Quality Monitoring | Quality Care Dubai
Cooling Tower Cleaning | Indoor Air Quality Monitoring | Quality Care Dubai


Cool tower cleaning is not an easy task. These are the areas you should inspect to make sure you get the most out of your tower cleaning time. You can have a professional cooling tower cleaning company assist you with this task and help you establish a schedule of cleaning that is appropriate for your tower and its current condition.


Step 1: Examine the Tower


Inspecting the cooling tower before cleaning it is an important step. The inspection should be performed at least once a month. However, it is important to do this on every cleaning day. This inspection will highlight areas that require special attention during cleaning. Pay particular attention to fill media to determine if it has become clogged with buildup and inspect the hot water basin to ensure there is no sludge.


Step 2: Protect yourself


After you’ve identified the areas that need your attention, don’t forget to protect them. Turn off fans and pumps at the tower with lockout/tag-out before you do anything else. They are extremely powerful and can cause serious injury or even death. It can be very dangerous to breathe in the heat and moisture from the tower, particularly if it contains Legionella bacteria. Eye protection and respiratory safety devices such as masks of the appropriate filter grades will be required.


Step 3: Treat for Bacteria


Cooling towers can be a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus, which could cause illness or harm to people. It is important to disinfect the towers with the right chemistry before spraying water and chemicals on the surfaces. This will make cleaning safer and more efficient and prevent future growth.


Step 4: Get rid of the sludge


The most common place where sludge accumulates is in the basin. This can hurt the performance and lifespan of your cooling tower. Cooling tower sludge can be removed using specialized vacuums. A cooling tower cleaning company may have one.


Step 5: Fix fouling and clogs


Fill media is the most critical part of heat exchange within a cooling tower. Fill media is responsible for directing the air moving within the cooling tower so it can efficiently remove heat or produce cold water. If the fill media becomes clogged, the cooling process does not occur as it should. This can lead to higher electricity bills. If necessary, clean the fill with detergent.


Step 6: Schedule your next cleaning


After the tower has been cleaned, you can gauge its rate of dirt and fouling so you can plan when the next cleaning will occur. Cooling towers work best when they are cleaned at least twice a year. Regular water treatment is also necessary to prevent Legionella and algae growth. Talk to experts if you’re unsure about how often your cooling tower should need cleaning. They can also help you identify the unique risks and evaluate your system.


Cooling Tower Cleaning | Indoor Air Quality Monitoring | Quality Care Dubai
Cooling Tower Cleaning | Indoor Air Quality Monitoring | Quality Care Dubai


What We Can Do

You can get a second opinion about the cleaning of your cooling tower or simply hire someone to clean it. Experts have years of experience in dealing with Legionella bacteria and other dangers associated with cooling towers. Quality Care Building Cleaning & Maintenance Services is the industry leader in water treatment. We can guide the safety and condition of your cooling tower. We also offer Indoor Air Quality Monitoring and Pipeline Disinfection. Contact us to make an appointment.


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