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Keeping Commercial Kitchen Hood & Duct Systems Clean

One of the most crucial things a bar or restaurant can do to reduce fire dangers in their commercial kitchen is to maintain and clean the kitchen hood and duct system. Heavy-duty cooking appliances used in commercial kitchens typically run 24 hours a day, seven days a week. By eliminating airborne impurities including grease particles, heat, smoke, and smells, the hoods and ducts above the kitchen appliances are intended to lower the danger of fire. Failure to maintain the hood system and Kitchen Duct Cleaning will raise the possibility of an internal uncontrolled fire.

Kitchen Duct Cleaning

Why should the kitchen hood and duct be kept clean?

  • Fire hazards: For the kitchen environment to be free of airborne pollutants including grease particles, heat, smoke, and smells, properly constructed and maintained hoods and ducts are essential. These airborne toxins are permitted to spread throughout the kitchen and the entire building when cooking equipment is not placed beneath a hood and duct system. As a result, pollutants eventually gather and build up on almost all interior building surfaces, such as tables, chairs, ceilings, floors, and walls. If a fire breaks out in the structure, this will increase the risk of fire loading and fire spread. The buildup of these impurities will eventually cause sanitary issues, as well as being exceedingly unpleasant and repellent to your consumers.


  • Productivity/efficiency: Very likely, everything in your restaurant runs like a well-oiled machine. Any unplanned delays or disruptions might significantly hurt your revenue. To keep your business functioning and eliminate the need for emergency repairs, schedule preventative maintenance by choosing services like Kitchen Duct Cleaning Dubai from a licensed hood and duct cleaning specialist like Quality care.


Know the appropriate times for cleaning and inspecting your hood and duct systems.

At least once every six months, all kitchen hoods and ducting must be examined. If the examination finds that cleaning is necessary, a licensed hood and duct cleaning contractor must clean the system. Certain cooking processes need more frequent checks and cleanups.

  • Commercial kitchens that use solid fuel, such as wood-fired grills or smokers, must have separate hood and duct systems. These systems must also be examined weekly and cleaned if necessary. In addition to the airborne pollutants mentioned above, solid fuel heating creates large amounts of creosote, which increases the danger of a fire.


  • Commercial kitchens with greater levels of grease production and airborne pollutants should have their systems checked every three months, and cleaned if necessary. This frequently includes culinary establishments that fry or cook with a lot of fat, and are open late or around the clock. These kinds of procedures result in a significantly quicker accumulation of grease and airborne pollutants.


It is crucial to always get, analyze, and maintain an insurance certificate from a licensed duct cleaning services provider, just as with other contractual work.

By offering trustworthy services for Kitchen Duct Cleaning Abu Dhabi, Dubai, or Ras Al Khaimah, Quality Care Cleaning Services helps restaurant owners run their businesses more effectively. Following the laws and regulations governing health and safety in the nation, we have created several packages that will not only assist them with their operational costs but will also guarantee a safe and sanitary restaurant. These packages further guarantee that our clients may optimize their revenues and conduct hassle-free operations without having to worry about other issues that really shouldn’t be in their thoughts. The NFPA Code of 96, 2008 Rules on Ventilation in Commercial Cooking Operations are followed in all of our activities.


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