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kitchen duct cleaning dubai, abu dhabi and ras al-khaimah | Quality care dubai

Why You Should Always Hire Kitchen Duct Cleaning Services

Regarding Kitchen Duct Cleaning, most Standards/Codes/Regulations state that hood and canopy cleaning is to be checked for excessive grease accumulation monthly (at a minimum). Your insurance policies may require that the fan and duct be checked approximately every six to twelve months. It can be messy and disruptive. Some kitchen exhaust systems get dirty again after being cleaned with traditional filters. Excessive buildup can cause fire hazards and may require frequent cleanings.

Many people find Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning expensive. Also, it is essential to ensure that the work has been done correctly. Restaurants can still be responsible for their actions. Cleaning contractors may issue certificates with clauses or fine print that could render the certificate useless in the event there is a fire. Insurance companies might also cancel the claim.

Commercial kitchens are busy cooking areas. High-volume cooking and continuous cooking can produce a lot of smoke, grease, and moisture. The sophisticated kitchen extraction systems collect oil over time. This grease can cause fire hazards. Research shows that the majority of restaurant fires are started in the kitchen.

These advanced kitchen extraction duct systems have been designed for efficiency and are subject to food safety regulations. They will require professional maintenance from time to time. Quality Care in Dubai offers professional kitchen extraction cleaning services. Here are some professional tips to help you consider professional restaurant and kitchen extraction system cleaning.

Kitchen duct cleaning dubai | Kitchen exhaust cleaning | Quality Care Dubai
Kitchen duct cleaning dubai | Kitchen exhaust cleaning | Quality Care Dubai

Hire a Professional

Kitchen extraction ducts work the same way regardless of the size and design of your kitchen. Exhaust fans remove smoke and oily vapors from the air. Other fans then pump fresh, breathable air into the room to replace the lost air.

To capture as much effluent as possible, kitchen extraction ducts should be placed directly over the cooking surfaces. This setup places the filter close to your heat source. The filter can become clogged with grease and a flame-up from your stove could ignite it immediately. This could cause the fire to spread into your ductwork. Regular kitchen extraction duct cleaning is essential to avoid disastrous grease fires. To help you stay informed, state and municipal governments have established strict regulations on ventilation cleaning and maintenance. Organizations also publish standards for ventilation and fire codes.

Kitchen Duct Cleaning Dubai | Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning | Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Ras Al-khaimah
Kitchen Duct Cleaning Dubai | Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning | Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Ras Al-khaimah

Quality Care Kitchen Duct Cleaning Dubai service is available. Before it’s too late, call us. We offer kitchen extraction duct cleaning services according to guidelines issued by Certified Body. This applies to hundreds of food producers and restaurants across the country. We are available to provide a free estimate and tell you how we can assist.


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